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The Oklahoma Wonder Grant is a program designed to seed innovation in Oklahoma businesses, non-profits and public organizations, challenging them to look for new ways to solve problems. What started as one grant focused on augmented/virtual reality has evolved into an ongoing grant program and spawned a new organization: the Wonder Grant Group.  


In the coming months and years, the Wonder Grant Group will present a wide array of grant offerings dealing with technology, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking…all focused squarely on Oklahoma. The Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth at the University of Oklahoma will administer the program and provide a support structure for continued growth.



The Coltrane Group is a non-profit organization in Oklahoma involved in acts of Community Enrichment; in the preservation of Educational Institutions and other aspects of the culture of African Americans; in the preservation and dissemination of African American history; in the preservation of Historical All-Black Towns (HBT) and communities in American; in the economic betterment of those towns and communities. Begun in 2008, the organization seeks to assist African-American rural towns in the development/redevelopment of businesses, agencies, and landmarks within their jurisdictions. More at


Through the OK Wonder Grant, Trifecta Communications will build a mobile device app producing augmented reality  “time-portals,” transporting participants back to the early 20th century on a historically accurate train trip.  Through this immersive experience, participants will learn about the Historic Black Towns in Oklahoma.  The app will also serve as the foundation for a larger experience allowing for on-site exploration of each town, using augmented reality and gamification; to be funded through additional grants. The Coltrane Group initially plans to partner with Oklahoma City Public Schools to use the app in history education and will also work with the Oklahoma Department of Tourism for on-site exploration of the Historic Black Towns. 


The Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth at the University of Oklahoma (I-CCEW) will provide commercialization and implementation consulting focused on the idea's potential for growth and sustainability.


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Is your business interested in offering a Wonder Grant?

We are currently growing the Wonder Grant Group with like-minded businesses interested in seeding Oklahoma innovation.  By applying for and being accepted to offer a grant, your organization becomes a member of the Wonder Grant Group, shaping the direction of the program as it grows into the future.

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